Hugh and Todd formed Rooted Retrofitting after many years of working with each on projects.  After meeting while working for PaineWebber Financial Services they Co-Founded of Eco Green Renovation. Hugh’s vast knowledge of construction and construction management and Todd’s passion for construction restoration lead the two to develop Rooted Retrofitting.  The Footpath Retrofit Division was developed out of a need for qualified and capable contractors Hugh discovered while consulting as a REAC inspector for property managers.

Meet Hugh Walpole


Hugh Walpole, the co-founder of Rooted Retrofitting Inc., earned a B.S. in Business Management. After gradating high school in 1987, Hugh held positions of increasing responsibility with major home building firms and commercial construction firms. While at these firms he learned more efficient techniques and methods as well as gaining perspective about what the customer expects in a construction project. Hugh worked for companies since graduating high school framing houses from the ground up, performing kitchen and bath remodels, renovating decks, replacing dry rot, performing seismic retrofitting, maintaining commercial building, replacing windows and doors. In 2001, Hugh founded Walnut Creek Construction and Remodeling Company specializing in Additions, Bath Remodels, Decks, Earthquake Retrofitting, Window and Door Replacements, Dry Rot and Custom Renovations. Hugh also worked as a project manager for a  large property management firm where he was in charge of  renovating a historic building in Oakland. In addition, Hugh ran the companies HUD REAC inspection team where he prepared properties for the HUD REAC inspections for 3 years.

Hugh has also worked for The John Stewart Company for 3 years running their HUD REAC program. The program consists of preparing the property for HUD REAC inspection and also escorting the HUD inspector during the actual HUD inspection. Hugh has completed over 300 pre reac/reac inspections

Mr. Walpole brings with him an impressive background which includes having both California building contractors license, specializing is remodels, dry rot, decks, and earthquake retrofits with a very strong HUD REAC background.  Having completed over 300 PreREAC and REAC Escorts, Hugh has interfaced with dozens of REAC Inspectors and their QA’s state wide and will be invaluable with appeals and code issues.

Meet Todd Claus


I grew up working with my father and grandfather on all kinds for construction projects but soon after college I settled into the financial services industry. After many successful years I returned to the construction industry my grandfather instilled in me at a young age.  Co-Founder of Eco Green Renovation a “LEED” (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) managed consulting company lead me to retrofitting of structures.  I am a student of old building standards and have a respect for structures of all eras. Retrofitting of homes and buildings was a natural fit to protect and extend the life of these structures as well as provide security and safety to families and family homes.

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